Catching is one of the most demanding positions and also requires a high level of consistency on the baseball diamond.  Elite Catching Development prepares catchers to excel in all areas behind the plate by focusing on repetitions and proper fundamentals for receiving, blocking, and throwing.  In addition, there will be significant focus on leg strength and flexibility to prepare for multiple games a weekend and the demanding summer schedule.

·       Pitch recognition

·       Game management and pitch calling

·       Improving reaction time

·       Quiet receiving

·       Proper blocking fundamentals

·       High level stretching

·       Hip mobility

·       Throwing footwork

·       Throwing mechanics


ECD class meetings once a week for an hour. The cost of the class is $175 for 4 weeks.


To enroll or get additional details, contact Coach Berra at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..