Recruits Baseball Club

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Recruits Baseball Club stand-out from others? How are you different?

The Recruits Baseball Club focuses on putting our players first. We are not one size fits all and our training is focused on helping each player improve so that they can play at the next level. While we like to win our focus is on being competitive and placing our teams at levels where they can compete and get better. Our main goal is to develop players so that they can play at the next level. Our teams will frequently play up at the next age level in order to expose the players to what they can expect in the next year. Our training focuses on all teams at all age levels and our youth teams are not used to subsidize our high school teams.

How much baseball training is included in the program?

For our youth teams we provide about 18 weeks of off-season training and the teams generally practice two times per week or about a total of 4 hours per week. For our high school teams we provide about 16 weeks of off-season training two times per week or about 5 hours of training per week. We do not put our high school players at risk by asking them to practice during the high school season. All practices include strength and mobility or speed and agility training. Our focus is on workouts that develop the total player.

What is your perspective on winning games?

The Recruits like to win but we focus on competing and player development. The majority of our teams are extremely successful and win a lot (especially the high school teams). We will not put a player at risk to win a game and we will not sacrifice our standards or ethics to win. We do believe that playing time is earned but we will also try and ensure that all players have opportunities to fairly earn their playing time. Doing things the right way is more important for our players than just simply winning games.

Are pitchers on pitch counts?

Yes, they are. We do not believe in putting a pitcher at risk to win a game. We do not believe in over use and will shut a pitcher down, when necessary. Our pitching development programs focus on the total pitcher, including mechanics, strength development, mental approach and arm care.  Doing things the right way for our pitchers is more important to us than winning a game or tournament. Our program focuses on developing players for the long-term – not just for a season or tournament.

What % of your players do you retain each year?

We retain approximately 90% of our players from year to year. We do believe that all players should try out each year. This has more to do with preparing players for tryouts at the higher levels than looking to cut a player. We will give all players an equal opportunity at try outs. Players that have played with us during the year are assessed during the year and coaches meet frequently to review all players in the program.

What types of coaches do you have?

The majority of our coaches have both college and professional experience. All of our high school teams have former professional or college coaches. Many of our youth teams also have former professional or college coaches. For our youth teams we will also use some dads to coach or to assist. All off-season workouts include an extensive coaching staff including our former professional and college coaches. The same fundamentals, workouts and training are applied to all age levels. Our coaches go through extensive training each year. Our focus is on doing things the right way for our players to help them compete and develop so that they can play at their highest level possible.

Do you mandate lessons?

No, we do not. We encourage lessons, either in a group or private setting, but we do not require them. We believe that development requires commitment and work at practices, off-season workouts and on your own.

Are players allowed to play other sports?

Yes, we do not mandate that they play only baseball. We do want our players to get in their weekly work and baseball should be the priority when in season. We believe that playing time is earned. As long as our players are getting their work in we want them to play and be successful at other sports.

Why are program fees not made public?

Because frankly not every club has ethics and is professional. We have had situations where other clubs have sent players to tryouts to learn our fees so that they can “buy” our players – which is actually a complement to our club! We do believe our fees are competitive. Our fees do include all costs except for travel, meals and individual player equipment. The fees are included in the player contracts sent out at the time offers are made.




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