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A quick understanding of extension...

What is extension?  To keep it very simple, its letting go of the baseball closer to the strike zone / home-plate.  Simple right?  Well not exactly...  The best way to achieve proper extension is not by reaching out further with your arm, or striding out further with your lead leg, its actually getting more forward trunk tilt resulting in getting the ball closer to the target.  See a good example of extension here.

What are some of the key benefits to more extension?

1. Releasing the ball closer to the target giving a pitcher the appearance of more velocity.  Point A to point B faster.

2. Giving hitters less reaction time.

3. More time to accelerate the throwing arm resulting in more velocity

4. Later and more explosive movment

Gaining a little bit of extension can help in so many ways, and has proven to be advantageous to pitchers of all age groups. Need some help getting there?  Elite Pitching Development can help! 

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