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One thing that remains consistent beetween today's Elite Hitters and the Elite Hitters from the past is bat path. Whether we're talking Ted Williams or Albert Pujols the bat path remains the same. The idea is that we want to get the bat flat and on plane as early in the swing as we can. From this flat position, or the shaft to shoulder position as we like to call it, the idea is we want to release the barrel. We want to generate as much bat whip as we can and throw the barrel to the ball, not the hands. This completely contradicts the usual push the hands idea or "hands to the ball" bat path. Directing the hands to the baseball creates a cutting motion with the barrel throughout the zone and that is not at all an ideal bat path. On top of helping to generate more power, this flat position ensures that our barrel is in the hitting zone for as long as possible. Below is a video showing today's top hitters as well as the past greats getting the bat flat and on plane early. 

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