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Baseball Specific Strength Training

We are proud to introduce Cameron Berra as our programs strength and conditioning coach!  Cam was a two sport athlete at Eastern Illinois University (baseball and football), and graduated with a degree is sports science.  

Becoming a better baseball player isn't just by playing more baseball, it's by improving your overall athleticism.  Our training program focuses on baseball specific exercises to help improve your speed, power, and explosiveness.   No matter what age, our training will help you be more successful at the next level.  Monthly training packages are offered here at the Practice Factory.  Working on your baseball skill sets is one thing, but gaining strength, speed, and power can elevate your game to the next level!  Coaches at the next level like players who are strong, athletic, and powerful, and working on these things are crucial to your overall development as a player! Start seeing gains and reaching your goals today!  

For more information about Elite Strength Development contact Cameron Berra at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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